Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hollow victory

Yes, it looks like The Chosen One has his stimulus bill, and I have no doubt what the ultimate outcome of this monstrous debacle will be. Oh, how the Mighty will fall! And I want to set the record straight about how we’re all supposed to want him to succeed—I want his proposals for the economy to meet a resounding failure. Our Chump-in-Chief is about to prove what 59 million Americans knew when we voted for John McCain—that Obama is not qualified to be President; that he has no experience in or capacity for leadership; and that he is entirely too enamored of himself and the power of his charm to fully grasp America’s best interests. Sorry, Mr. Messiah, voting "present" won’t cut it in the big leagues.

Coincidentally, I started reading an outstanding history of the Great Depression and the New Deal around the New Year, and I just finished it today. The book "The Forgotten Man" by Amity Shlaes was published in 2007, and the paperback was issued in May of 2008. My husband gave me the paperback edition for Christmas last year, and the afterword added to this printing is profoundly chilling. On pages 395 and 396, Ms. Shlaes explains the relevance of critically analyzing the New Deal programs now:

"The relevance for today is simple. The famous ‘multiplier effect’ of public spending may exist. U.S. cities do indeed need new highways, new buildings, and new roads, maybe even from the government. There may also be a spillover effect, as historian Alexander Field has noted. When the government builds a road, it is easier for the trucker to get from one point to another, and the trucker makes higher profits. These merits should be weighed against damage that comes when officials create projects and jobs for political reasons.

An emergency such as a Great Depression can serve as a catalyst for job creation. But the dire moral quality of that emergency does not guarantee that a project undertaken in its name will be more efficient than your average earmark. In fact, infrastructure spending is often just a nicer name for what we used to call pork. Given the depth of modern capital markets, the New Deal’s old argument that ‘only the government can afford this’ looks particularly weak. The New Deal edifice is solid enough, but it doesn’t form the best basis for the national future."

Wow, what insight and prescience… One can only hope that Timothy Geithner has had a chance to peruse this book in between his desperate attempts to convince anyone that his deliberate tax evasion was an honest mistake. Give us a break, Mr. President! The mainstream media refused to expose your dishonesty and corruption for two years throughout your campaign, but you cannot hide from the spotlight now. You may have managed to take advantage of the American electorate on November 4th, but in time, we can always see through a phony. Before too long, you won’t be able to fool us anymore with your vague pronouncements of hope and change—your record isn’t matching your rhetoric. And I am one of many who say that we are not surprised in the least… You can take the community organizer out of Chicago, but you can’t take the Chicago out of the community organizer. He is not the light of the world—he is your typical Chicago thug, a sleazy politician tainted with the cesspool of the Chicago corruption. Were things not so critical, it would be great sport to watch Obama’s economic plans fail miserably. And mark my words—this stimulus will not work, and our country will face disaster if this bill becomes law. God bless the House Republicans and the GOP Senators (except for 3 cowards) for standing up for their principles, and I have to say that it’s about time they adhered to their conservative roots. They will be vindicated in less than one year’s time. When the house that Barack built crumbles and falls, Obama and the Dimocrats will only have themselves to blame, and the American people will know where to point their fingers as well.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama Vs. Rush Limbaugh

So now Our Leader is launching a media war against our beloved El Rushbo? If you haven’t heard, it was reported over the weekend that during a meeting with Congressional Republicans on Friday at the White House, President Obama told the GOP leaders that they were going to have to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh if they were going to "get things done". Excuse me? "Get things done"? He wants to get HIS things done, and when those things include the destruction of capitalism, dismantling our war against terror, and socialized medicine, these Republicans had better put up a fight. If you think the elections of 2006 and 2008 were disastrous for Republicans, it will be even worse if they let this clown run roughshod over everything America stands for. Make no mistake, these Republicans in office now are going to pay dearly if they don’t start standing up for their principles!

In this political climate, no one should be surprised when many unhappy Americans start searching for alternatives to the two-party system. Many conservatives feel betrayed by the Republican Party, and that’s what is so ironic about Obama’s statement. Rush Limbaugh is exactly what the Republican leaders need right now—if they had only listened to Rush 8 years ago, the GOP wouldn’t be in complete disarray. President Obama knows that Rush has struck a chord with 20 million listeners daily, and he is afraid. He wants to shut Rush up because he knows that Rush is one of the biggest threats to his Immaculate Presidency. Why do you think he even brought up Rush’s name? Why does he criticize Fox News and Sean Hannity? I am thinking that Rush and Sean see right through Obama for the sleazy, two-bit Chicago thug politician that he is. While the other media are euphorically redeeming themselves for the white guilt that they have nurtured for over 45 years, both Rush and Sean have told the truth about Obama’s history and his associations since early 2007, and I cannot imagine what our country would be facing now if none of us Americans knew of Obama’s past. It’s worth reiterating—we need to thank God for Fox News and conservative talk radio, especially Rush.

I urge everyone who reads this to get on the Internet and Google "cult of personality". The Wikipedia entry is especially chilling. Then go to the Newsbusters website and look at the inauguration coverage. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but can you see what is happening? There are dangerous forces at work here—it is apparent that any opposition to the President and his agenda will be a "petty grievance" and an obstruction to change. We could take Obama’s statement further—what will he do if the Republicans and millions of other Americans don’t stop listening to Rush? Must Rush then be silenced as a hindrance to America’s progress under our Messiah?

We all need to contact our representatives in Washington immediately and warn them of the consequences they will face if they don’t challenge Obama and his socialist programs. We will not hesitate to send real conservatives to challenge the appeasers in Republican primary elections all over the country for 2010. And I understand the frustration with George W. Bush’s enormous expansion of government and entitlements, but Republicans just need to turn that page for good and focus on the future and their core principles. We also need to take action on Rush’s behalf. Call the stations that broadcast his radio show, overwhelm the blogosphere with your support of Rush, and contact the sponsors who advertise on the show. If President Obama wants to take Rush on, I say "Bring it on!" Rush will have a battle of wits with an unarmed man, and I have no doubt that Limbaugh will prevail—even if Rush has half his brain tied behind his back, just to make it fair… Megadittoes!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What a relief that it's over!

I knew it was going to be bad--but the mainstream media sunk to new levels in the inauguration coverage. I am very disappointed and disheartened at the nauseating commentators, but I can't say I'm surprised. What really infuriates me is the demonizing of anyone who isn't worshipping at the Temple of Obama. I am not bitter. I am a conservative who voted for John McCain because of Sarah Palin, and I am profoundly concerned about the future of my country. I don’t understand why conservatives have been called “sick” and “disgusting” for not rejoicing in the Obama lovefest this week. Here is the way I feel—I do not believe that America is a better place because Barack Obama was elected President. America is an exceptional nation regardless of who we elect as President; we have proven ourselves time and time again. I am from my own Redneck Riviera in Ninety Six, South Carolina, and we don’t understand comments like the one Michelle Obama made when her husband started winning in the primaries—that she was proud of her country for the first time in her adult life. I just don’t comprehend that sentiment at all. Yet that is all I am hearing this week—that finally, because of Obama, we Americans no longer need to feel ashamed. Give me a break…

The sycophantic consensus among the mainstream media that Obama is the one who is going to lead us children out of the wilderness is not only irresponsible journalism; it is dangerous. I ask you this—what would the political pundits have said this week if John McCain had won? Would Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann have ranted about how America is a racist, hateful nation for preferring John McCain? Are the 55 million Americans who voted for McCain-Palin and not Barack Obama worthless bigots?

I do not have any hard feelings toward the President, and I have no problems whatsoever with Obama supporters celebrating his victory. But we need to realize that our peaceful transition of power every four years is always worthy of celebration. The Obama cheerleaders are entitled to their day in the sun; it is an entirely different situation when our supposed “objective” journalists are crying with euphoria over this President. I cannot believe how Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams, Matt Laurer, and Meredith Viera were shamelessly professing how inspiring and exhilarating this election was for them personally. How are we supposed to trust their reporting anymore now that we know who they are rooting for? How can they objectively interview opponents of President Obama in the future? Journalists are supposed to be acting in our interests; they should question authority, not make excuses and rationalizations for this “super-cool” new President. Does anyone at MSNBC or the other channels even care about the direction that the networks are heading?

And if putting away “childish things” would include caving on pro-life issues, tax relief, a strong military, and securing our borders, then I will gladly continue to fight. I am troubled that all of these calls for unity and collective sacrifice will be used to stifle dissent, and every other American should be concerned about governmental oppression as well.

I am not dancing in the streets for Obama, but I wish him no ill will. This over-the-top coverage of the inauguration has been downright embarrassing, and it has not served the American people well.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sarah Palin's interview today

Wow, I feel much better! Did anyone catch Sarah Palin's live interview with Glenn Beck? She was fantastic—gracious, radiant, self-assured, beautiful, and completely down-to-earth. Glenn was lamenting out-of-touch politicians, saying that he wanted to know when was the last time one of them went through a Wendy’s drive-thru and asked for a Frosty with Oreo sprinkles. He posed that question to Governor Palin, and she did that two nights ago, but it was a Dairy Queen… She concurred with Glenn about those "high-and-mighty" politicians, and she was curious about when was the last time they filled up their vehicles with gas themselves and paid for it out of their own pockets. She gets it!

Major kudos to Glenn Beck on his debut as well. When he was introducing Sarah Palin, he started describing their connection as both being parents of special needs children, and he had to fight back tears. As someone who has special needs herself, that genuine show of emotion touched my heart profoundly. Glenn asked Sarah how Trig had changed her life, and without any hesitation, she stated that Trig is the best thing that has ever happened to her family. Lord, please touch this woman on behalf of our beloved country. Especially now, we need her.

I am also thanking God for Fox News. If you haven’t heard, Glenn Beck’s new show is on the Fox News Channel weekdays at 5:00 p.m. EST. Watching it gave me a much-needed sense of relief after the relentless Obama lovefest on just about every single channel. We need to get something straight—our peaceful transition of power every four years is ALWAYS worthy of celebration, but all these sycophants are acting as if all of the problems troubling the world are going to be magically disappear once Obama is crowned, I mean, inaugurated. They really think that the world will be a better place once Obama is President. Unbelievable.

Prior to interviewing Sarah Palin, Glenn had a great conversation with Karl Rove about Obama blatantly presenting himself as the next Abraham Lincoln. Karl stated exactly what I have been feeling—this guy is awfully presumptuous. I have not heard this take on Obama’s connection with Lincoln on any other news program; the media have drooled over this association and promoted it at every opportunity. I can’t help but wondering—who does this guy think he is?
So what will you be doing during the Inauguration tomorrow? Rush Limbaugh will have special programming during his regular hours, so I’ll be tuning him in. I don’t hate Obama, but I am concerned about my country. I heard Spike Lee say that tomorrow will be the greatest day in American history; nope, don’t think so. These people need to get real. Can they hold off on the deification until he actually does something? He’s in the big leagues now, and voting "present" isn’t an option.

I will be so glad when these festivities are over. Although I am planning to stay at home all day, listening to Rush and watching DVDs, my family will celebrate in our own way. We will be preparing a special Inauguration Day dinner tomorrow night—a big old plate of fried baloney. Fitting, isn’t it?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy New Year, Sarah Palin!

Let me start by saying that I can’t think of any politician in my lifetime that I have admired any more than Sarah Palin. From the moment she exploded on the national political scene on August 29 of last year, I have felt a connection with the Governor that has only grown stronger as the election has faded. What a woman! A drop-dead gorgeous mother of 5, with an equally gorgeous husband, smart as a whip with political skills that we haven’t seen in decades, and a faithful servant of Jesus Christ! She is tough, self-reliant, and when I see her in action, every fiber in my being screams: "You go, girl!"

Initially, I think what was most compelling about the Governor was her Christian faith—unlike so many other politicians, Sarah walks the walk. I will never forget how she was viciously bombarded before the Republican Convention with those disgusting lies about her infant son, Trig, who was born last April with Down’s Syndrome. The same networks who waited over a year to investigate Barack Obama’s racist, hate-mongering pastor were drooling over extreme left-wing bloggers abhorrently claiming that Trig was in fact the child of Bristol Palin, the teenage daughter of Sarah and Todd Palin. I cannot even begin to comprehend what this lady did to trigger the vitriolic, mean-spirited reaction by the mainstream media and the liberal elite, but I am convinced that they will stop at nothing to destroy her not only politically, but personally as well. I suppose she committed the cardinal sin of daring to challenge Barack Obama’s rightful ascendancy as Our Leader—just look at the virulent attacks on Hillary Clinton and Joe the Plumber. Try Googling Jack Ryan—Barack Obama probably wouldn’t even have been elected to the Senate in 2004 if he hadn’t shamelessly fought to have Ryan’s sealed divorce records opened. Obama’s rise in politics is frightening for two reasons—the associations that have helped his career, and the utter lack of scrutiny that he enjoys even today. As the campaigns progressed after the conventions, the Obama Nation was terrified at John McCain’s rising poll numbers with his selection of Governor Palin, and even when it was clear that the economic crisis was helping Obama politically, Sarah was still a threat to be destroyed.

Case in point—Obama’s statement that "you can put lipstick on a pig, and it’s still a pig" was no accidental or innocent remark. He knew exactly what he was saying and why, and the video shows every member of his audience cheering and applauding those words; he was practically given a standing ovation. This remark was made only days after Sarah Palin joked at the Republican National Convention that the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom is "lipstick". The Obama faithful knew exactly who their Messiah was referring to, and Obama is the product of the corrupt Chicago political machine. He mastered the art of cut-throat politics—he is no novice at dirty tricks (see above Jack Ryan). And if Obama doesn’t have the discretion to realize that the connection might, and probably would, be made, then he needs to practice what he preaches and understand that his words have meaning. He doesn’t understand that he needs to choose his words carefully as President? I shudder to think what the reaction would have been if John McCain had made such a statement about Obama that could have been perceived as racist.

The media’s double standards throughout the primaries and the election are astounding. I am sure that the bias of the liberal media in 2008 will be explored and analyzed for years, but no matter what they try, Sarah Palin will remain one of my biggest heroes.

I wonder how many Americans realize that out of the babies that are diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome in the womb, 9 out of 10 of those children are aborted. This is America post-Roe vs. Wade—and our country is going to pay for condoning this culture of death. Abortion, euthanasia, cloning—what has happened to this hard-working, self-reliant, God-fearing nation?! To me, Sarah Palin represents what is still right about America. I am proud to be an evangelical Christian myself, and I am strongly pro-life. Both Todd and Sarah Palin did learn of Trig’s diagnosis while she was pregnant, but for them, aborting their son was not an option. Trig Palin was not a choice to his Mom and Dad; he was their child, regardless of any obstacles he would face. I firmly believe that life can be precious and wonderful under any circumstances, and my 25 years as a quadriplegic have convinced me that one person’s disability can be the greatest blessing of another person’s life. Sarah Palin gets that—and she has never needed a political consultant to demonstrate her understanding, compassionate nature.

But I love the Mama Grizzly in her too… In her recent interview with John Ziegler, Sarah fires back at the "entertainers" who exploited her teenage daughter’s pregnancy, saying that those digs brought out the Mama Grizzly in her. I was raised by a Mama Grizzly myself, and I know what my Mama would do today if anyone went out to savage her young’un. I cannot think of any public official whose children were dissected the way Sarah Palin’s were. Even now, after Bristol has already had her little boy, the media just keeps on meddling. It was reported that both Bristol and Levi, her fiance, had quit high school, when Bristol is still enrolled, and Levi is taking correspondence courses to complete his degree. Levi started working as an apprentice to an electrician with ASRC Energy Services, Inc., on an oil field job. I don’t understand how that apprentice offended anyone, but some hard-hitting journalists started writing articles questioning whether Levi was eligible to work as an apprentice in that field without a high-school diploma. So Levi quit his job. I hope these reporters, bloggers, or whatever they call themselves, are proud of their exposure of the deep, dark corruption involved in Levi Johnston trying to support his family by earning a living.

There are teenagers all over this country who are forced to quit school to support their children, their parents, or other family members, and for these pathetic media types, the implication that Bristol and Levi’s life choices are somehow shameful or contemptible shows that Sarah Palin connects with the real world more than the media elite ever will. When will we hear any stories about Joe Biden’s children? Or Barack Obama’s family? No surprise here—many of the political pundits are blasting Sarah Palin for fighting back in the John Ziegler interview, but I believe that the attacks on her have been profoundly unprecedented, and if I were in her shoes, I would defend myself and my family vociferously. I wouldn’t worry about what the media thinks anyway—the American people know when someone has been wronged. Sarah needs to trust her instincts, and if that means reminding the American people what the mainstream media did to her, then, "You go, girl!" Once the Obama magic has faded, people will take another look at Sarah and realize that she is a natural leader.

My favorite Sarah Palin quote: "…[S]omeone called me a ‘Redneck Woman’ once and you know what I said back? I said, ‘Why, thank you!’" I am proud of my redneck roots myself, and no matter what, we strong, independent women don’t change. But why would so many women in the media turn against Sarah? I believe that many of these so-called "feminists" have a deep-seeded resentment of Governor Palin. I am probably correct in presuming that many of these women have had at least one abortion in their lifetime, and Sarah’s motherhood makes them more guilty every time they see her with her children. The pro-life position is as alien to them as a plate of grits with red-eye gravy, and the only responses they can muster are personal attacks on Sarah Palin and Hitleresque condemnations of people with disabilities. Take a look at this posting by the blogger Diana Hsieh entitled "The Worship of Retardation". She just cannot understand why parents would "saddle themselves with a perpetually dependent child". Oh, really? I was paralyzed in a car accident when I was a 16-year-old child, and I wouldn’t change one minute of my life. My entire family bonded together to make sure that I maximized every ability I had, and my Mama still lives with me today to help with my attendant care. And I have a wonderful husband too! He married me over 10 years ago, and he loves me more today than when we met. Ms. Hsieh must not understand the power of love, or maybe she doesn’t have anyone in her life who would love her if she were, God forbid, disabled. God might be getting ready to give her a wake-up call, especially if she doesn’t think that something that bad will happen to her. But Diana, don’t you dare presume that you know if someone else’s life is miserable. I read where you are basing your opinions on your experience helping a man with Down’s Syndrome, where you conclude that you "regard his life as inherently tragic and likely quite miserable". Who gives you the authority to decide these things? Don’t you know that those decisions are up to God? This unbelievable blog entry is one of the scariest pieces of opinion that I have ever encountered, and the comments are even more frightening. Would it surprise anyone to know that before the Nazis ever killed one Jew in the Holocaust, they killed those persons with mental and physical disabilities first? That’s why Sarah Palin’s advocacy for special needs children is so important to me.

But in addition to the resentment that her critics harbor, I believe that many of her critics are jealous of her. Governor Palin has it all—a wonderful marriage; a supportive, handsome, husband; a promising career; 5 great children, and she is a success! There are so many stories about single women in New York City who are aging and cannot find a husband, and Maureen Dowd of the New York Times personifies these unhappy old maids. Sarah is beautiful and she keeps her husband happy, while Ms. Dowd likely hasn’t been close to a man since undergrad. Her columns about Governor Palin spew such venom and mean-spirited insults that it has to be motivated by more than political differences. Envy and resentment—how petty. And before I am attacked as another dumb female conservative, I will say that I am a licensed attorney for the State of South Carolina, and I have practiced family law and real estate for over 12 years. My world could have been destroyed when I was 16, but with the help of the Lord and my family, I have succeeded. When I was injured, I was told by some that I was wasting time fixing my hair and putting on makeup, that I was going to have to work on the substantial things to succeed in this chair. Well, I showed them—in this woman’s world, you can be smart, attractive, and successful! I am married to an amazing man too, and I don’t know why the feminists don’t understand that there is nothing more feminine than being a happy wife and a loving mother. We all don’t fit into one category; there is no litmus test for womanhood.

Happy New Year, Sarah Palin, and whenever you feel down about the trials that you have endured with the media, please know that I thank God for you and I pray for you daily. Our country needs you desperately. May the joy of the Lord be your strength!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Inauguration Day--Wake Me When It's Over

Like the drooling sycophants on every television network sans Fox News, I too am eagerly awaiting the Inauguration of Barack Obama on January 20th—the sooner it gets here, the sooner it will be over. I have witnessed hype before, but this tireless barrage of coverage of Obama’s coronation is stupefying. And talk about the "Audacity of Hope"—am I the only person in the world who finds it troubling and arrogantly presumptuous of Obama to use President Lincoln’s Bible for his swearing-in ceremony? I defy anyone to find me one accomplishment of our President-elect that would justify even mentioning him in the same breath as Abraham Lincoln, and campaigning doesn’t count. No other President has ever used President Lincoln’s Bible for their inauguration oath, and I cannot comprehend why Barack Obama suddenly believes that he is worthy of this unprecedented honor. And what other politician could get away with this? Can you imagine how the press would have reacted if George W. Bush had decided to use President Lincoln’s Bible at his 2001 Inauguration? The pundits would have been disgusted and outraged at that neophyte elevating himself that way, but not so with Obama. I am sensing that underneath the cooler-than-cool exterior that has apparently impressed so many Americans, Obama isn’t blessed with a whole lot of humility, and I suspect that his self-confidence may border on hubris at times. All throughout the primaries and the general election, I would look at Barack Obama and listen to his speeches, and I kept wondering who this man thinks he is. Where I come from, people like that are mighty prone to getting taken down a notch or two.

Contrary to what the commentators are espousing, I don’t believe that America’s problems will magically disappear on January 20th. I don’t believe that we even know the extent of our collective economic plight at this point, much less any solutions. And just because the President-elect’s proposed stimulus package has his name on the label does not guarantee that it will succeed. But what in the world are the Obama apologists going to do if our economic crisis worsens in spite of the trillions of dollars in debt we are incurring? I’m sure that the media will have a long list of culpable misfits to blame—primarily George W. Bush, of course, but Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barney Frank will make convenient targets as well. If this downturn continues to spiral, I predict that the mantra for the mainstream media will be: "But you know that the President can only do so much."

It’s going to be a fun 4 years…

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Best President that Money Can Buy

Before we get too caught up in sentiment over Barack Obama being elected President of the United States, we need to keep two considerations in mind:

Point 1: Our President-elect won this campaign by promising a whole lot of goodies to a whole lot of people, and they will be demanding immediate returns from him. Will he live up to the unbelievably high expectations? I suspect that we will have some inkling of his priorities even before he is inaugurated. What will the Warriors against Wealth do when Senator Obama declares that he will have to delay his tax increases because of the faltering economy? What if he doesn’t bring the troops home from Iraq within his first year in office? How will the virulent anti-war left react then?

Many of the political pundits were declaring this morning that President Obama might keep Robert Gates as the Secretary of Defense. While that would be a smart move on his part, how would he reconcile that Bush hold-over with his base? I thought that Obama’s presidential campaign was entirely based on his opposition to the Iraq war and the policies of the Bush administration. Secretary Gates has turned that war around much to the chagrin of liberals, and he presided over the surge in 2007. Barack Obama opposed the surge at every opportunity, and he still has not even acknowledged the success of the surge. His supporters want change, and if this President-Elect chooses to retain Bob Gates at the Pentagon, he will anger and alienate his base.

Obama has talked at length about bipartisanship and how he will have both Democrats and Republicans in his cabinet, but the liberals that he represents have been deprived of power for far too long in their estimation, and they are thirsting for blood. I would also surmise that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barney Frank are not interested at this point in working to build coalitions with Republicans. They have the keys to the cars now, and they are going to pummel their opponents with every legislative advantage that they now possess. And yes, these guys will do whatever they can to ensure that they stay in power. These are not the hapless Democrats of 1993, these are cutthroat, relentless, power-hungry politicians, and they will not be caught off-guard with another "Contract with America" Republican revolt.

Our President-Elect is a cutthroat politician himself, despite his lofty rhetoric, and I am profoundly concerned as to what he intends to do about freedom of the airwaves and stifling his opposition. But what is truly remarkable about his election is that for the first time in his adult life, Barack Obama will have to actually achieve results. He will have to make decisions as President; you can’t just vote "present" when you’re in the Oval Office. He is a blank slate, which renders him enormously popular thus far, but let’s see what happens when he actually signs legislation or sends our troops into Pakistan. One rule of politics still holds clear—the more that the voters learn about a candidate, the higher their negatives go. The Mainstream Media worked furiously to keep the American people uninformed about the true beliefs of Barack Obama, but once he starts amassing a record as President, I am sure that many Americans will be shaking their heads in disbelief at how this man could have been elected.

Point 2—In reneging on his promise to accept public financing for his campaign, Barack Obama has single-handedly destroyed the campaign-finance reform system for eternity. While the reforms are justifiably criticized for suppressing First Amendment freedoms, the legislators had laudable intentions in seeking to cleanse the system of big-money special interests. Well, Senator Obama had some big money in his steamroller campaign--$600 million! And don’t tell me that the majority of his donations were less than $200 each—as he has refused to release his list of donors, I am highly suspicious of the true identity of his contributors. It is still amazing what this man has been able to get away with! When the next presidential campaign heats up in a couple of years, no self-respecting Republican or Democrat will commit political suicide by agreeing to limit himself or herself to those measly funds.

It is a profound understatement to say that the Obama campaign has set a new standard for fundraising. I have heard all morning how the President-elect has shown honor, grace, and judgment in his race to the White House, when in fact he simply overwhelmed John McCain with a financial tsunami. Does anyone else find it disturbing that while most Americans are experiencing great hardship in this economic downturn, Barack Obama is breaking fundraising records at an exponential rate? At least John McCain played by the rules. But now, thanks to Obama—there are no rules! Candidates will focus only on getting as much money as they can now in any way possible. I believe I share the opinion of many Americans when I express my disgust at the obscene amounts of money it takes to run for office in this country, and Obama has made the problem much, much worse. His legacy will be that he was the best President money can buy.

But as someone who has idolized Martin Luther King, Jr., throughout my life, I am touched by the historical significance of Obama’s election, and it is a good thing that we will look beyond the color of one’s skin in choosing our leaders. I also know that when I see Barack Obama’s precious daughters, my heart just melts. This man is "Daddy" to these little girls, and that wins points with me.

I know there will be a lot of finger-pointing with the Republicans now, but I am warning them all that it would be a grave error for Sarah Palin to be blamed for McCain’s downfall. The economic disaster in September most likely sealed McCain’s fate, but it was McCain’s erratic and inconsistent response to the disaster that turned American voters irrevocably toward Obama. Sarah Palin was the only bright spot for John McCain’s campaign, and he was fortunate to do as well as he did in the battleground swing states. Now we are hearing about the behind-the–scenes hostilities from the McCain staff toward Sarah Palin. These staffers need to be flushed from the Republican Party immediately—they are the cancer on the GOP, not Sarah Palin.

The 2008 presidential election has been thoroughly exciting and exhausting, and I love this nation with all of my heart. I cherish our democratic process, and most of all, our peaceful transition of power. I listened to President Bush’s statement this morning regarding Obama’s election, and I continue to be amazed at what a class act and a gentleman this man is. I am convinced that history will judge him differently than the press corps, and I for one appreciate him keeping us safe here at home for over 7 years.

God bless you, President Bush and Laura, you have served your country well. My prayers are with you as well, President-elect Barack Obama. John McCain, thank you for your ultimate sacrifice for all of us Americans, and Sarah Palin, I will be in fervent prayer for you as you contemplate leading our party in 2012.

And God bless the United States of America…